Tuesday, 17 June 2014

3 Hottest Selling Used Cars

Well, here we go again with the list of good and bad cars that makes the hottest sales in the market. Our blog generally displays such blogs and with the onset of summer here we are with a new list of used cars that are selling like hot-cakes. Check out their instant car pricing today.

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Honda Accord

Well, Accord is popular for their dependability and long-lasting engine. The J.D Power Associate has done relevant studies on them and has given the highest marks. Another benefit of the Accord is that it is able to retain their resale value largely. You can also get a hybrid model and this makes its popularity growing.
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Ford Taurus

J.D Power Associates tags this car with higher reliability marks. However, it fails to hold up its resale value over the time. This is a bad news for the used car sellers, but good for the seller as they can get a good bargain price against the car quotes.

Hyundai Sonata

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Sonata is popular for their comfort, economical price and efficiency. It is affordable for the buyers to get access to this car and even comes with easy-maintenance options. Sonata also offers its buyers with fuel efficiency, with many models getting over 20 miles per gallon.

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