Monday, 16 June 2014

Notable Gas Myths for the New Car Buyers

When it comes to the gasoline you use to fuel up your car, many of the drivers follow a variety of myths. As for example, many people believe that topping of the tank is good for engine. Topping it off is just likely wasting fuel, costing you a lot on your spending and can allow your fuel to spill out of the tank.

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Another myth follows up on keeping the tank half full as it prevents evaporation and saves gas. Most of the people would agree, but if your car is spanking new, then it will have vapors in the tank and very little is lost through evaporation.

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Most of the people again say that keeping a quarter tanks ensures that the fuel pump has enough gas to deliver the engine and will not strand. Many of the people is following another option of cruise control as this saves gas. However, this is not true in every case. It may save while you drive the car of flat surface, but cruise control can cause over acceleration on an inclined surface.

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If you use unleaded gas then avoid using diesel as it may cause unrepairable damages to your engine. So follow these myths according to your privilege of driving your car. Look for the instant car quotes to find the right deal on a car rhat can save fuel.

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