Monday, 16 June 2014

Used Car: Mileage and Worn Tires Are Must-Check

When you think to buy a used car, then the financial advisor makes sure that you ask for the Vehicle’s Index Number or you have reviews the Vehicle History Report. They warn you not to buy a vehicle before you make the following checks.

Used Car Quotes

Here in our blog our financial advisor is of the opinion to stress on two most important things while you buy a used car without looking only at the car quotes.


The life span of car depends on the miles it drove rather than the year it came out on the roads. You should never buy a used car without checking the mileage. The typical used car now comes with 15,000 miles every year, so you must look for something higher or lower that is above 20,000 or below 5,000.

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Worn Tires

While buying a car whether used or new many overlook the tires. However, when we talk about used car they are very important. After all, they are the important part that connects your car to the road. Old tires showing extreme signs of wear and tear, showing low tread depth or shows cords are unreliable and can make the car risky to drive.

Latest New Cars

Make sure you do check them to regard a safe purchase of used car.

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