Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Customer Story – Be Merciless While Negotiating

Jane bought a convertible last year, and she has been happy since she last stopped it. She got the car with high resale value, and this BMW M3 Convertible has made her life. She wanted luxury with comfort and stunning looks, but keeping in mind her budget.

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She was clever enough as she did her homework properly and took to Jitcar. Com to read the reviews on latest convertibles, compared their online car pricing with various local dealers and walked-in to a preferable store.

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The most important study that she has done was looking at the negotiating price of the car. Yes, she checked the invoice price offered by the manufacturer and went to the shop to start her negotiations.  The best time to start your negotiations is at the end of the year,she suggests. Since, the dealers salivate to beat their quotas. If you need the car immediately, then embark on your invoice price and have a steady credit score or good down payment in hand to make the car come within your reach.

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She made spectacular moves revising her car purchase homework a number of times, so if you have started to look for a new car, then be a little merciless to negotiate a car within your budget.

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