Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rising Gas Prices – How to Cope Up?

Gas price is constantly rising, and we have no scope to fight back. With the global price model, we have seen a sharp rise in the gas and other fuels. What would be the best way to put a fight with this rising gas price? No, buying a hybrid car is not going to help though a green car can help you to some extent.

New Cars

However, if you have bought a car running on gas recently, and then is it possible to switch with a green car so soon? Well, if not you can apply some fuel saving measures to cope up with the gas price combat.
  1. Why would you not switch off the car while you stand in a jam or a traffic queue?
  2. What do you think about taking a stroll to the neighborhood instead of using the car if the distance is few meters?
  3. Uses premium fuels and not leaded fuels, as leaded fuels is more consumable by your vehicles
  4. In the downhill sections of the road you can drive your car on accelerator, brakes and power-steer, so you can switch off the car to save fuel
Used Cars

Looking for free auto quotes does not end your journey, buying a car also needs your strong observation after and before the purchase.

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